Your councillor needs to be focused and committed to you.  Understanding the issues and being clear in the approach to handling them is key to building confidence in your council as a whole. I am committed to the issues below and believe that you should be included, and have a say, in the process. I welcome your opinion to the topics below as well as any other concerns you may have.  Please feel free to email me anytime and I would be happy to talk with you about how I can help.


We have the most amazing natural park spaces only minutes from home. It’s a priority for me to protect, and enhance these areas so future generations can enjoy them as much as we do.

I may be biased because I have lived here so long, but Port Moody is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! We are surrounded by nature and parks, we have beautiful trails and green spaces, and at the heart (literally the middle of our city) is the amazing Burrard Inlet.  I can’t think of many places where so many residents can be walking by the ocean in a matter of minutes from their home.

We are such a beautiful city that people from across the lower mainland come to Port Moody to enjoy our outdoor spaces.  Although this helps support our local economy, it also increases the demand and wear on our parks.  With green spaces across the lower mainland disappearing at an alarming rate, I believe in protecting Port Moody’s parks and green spaces so that future generations can enjoy our city as much as we do.

I Believe in: 

  • Growing and rehabilitating park land whenever possible to provide more desirable and usable recreation spaces for our growing community.

  • Investing in the revitalization of existing smaller parks throughout the city to create spaces our residents want to visit in their own back yard. Reducing the pressure on Rocky Point Park and the need to travel across town to get a benefit you could enjoy walking distance from home.

  • Working with development partners on maximizing public amenity and outdoor space within their development proposals for the benefit of all local residents, and to reduce demand on current park spaces.

  • Upgrading recreation facilities, and adding new programs to bring our community together. Encouraging a healthy, happy, and active population.

Port Moody has an amazing number of parks but I feel that so much more can be done to make these true neighbourhood gathering spaces. With your vote this October I would be a strong advocate for our local green spaces and ensure that our current neighbourhood parks and recreation facilities are prioritized for enhancement.  Bringing Port Moody residents together and always putting Port Moody Residents First!

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on Port Moody’s parks and rec facilities.  Where could our council do better and what would you like to see in your neighbourhood?  Click Here to share your thoughts and ideas.


As a Coach I always say “Teamwork and collaboration can achieve anything, but the first step is the commitment to want to be better.”

You deserve a councillor that will put Port Moody Residents First!

One of the reasons I am running for council is because I don’t feel that our current council represents what I want to see for the future of our city. Port Moody council this past 4 years has been the least effective and most divisive I have seen since moving here 23 years ago. A city council should work for you and should not put their own interests and pet projects ahead of what is best for the community.

If there is one thing I have learned from all my years playing and coaching lacrosse at high levels, it’s that "teamwork and collaboration can achieve anything, but the first step is the commitment to want to be better."

The division on our current city council has trickled down to our community and has created animosity amongst neighbours on topics that should be one of open and honest communication. When a council doesn’t listen to its residents, acts on perceived mandates, and wastes time and money, it’s understandable that residents would be frustrated or angry.
Your council should be able to work for you, and at the same time be kind and respectful to each other. I
can guarantee that if I am elected I will not agree with everything my fellow councilors say or want to do.
But what I can promise is that I will share my thoughts and opinions with Kindness, Respect, and with
what’s best for our community at heart.


You deserve better! This October make your voice heard by voting for a councilor that is willing to work

I Believe in:

  • Bringing teamwork, kindness, and respect back to City Hall.

  • Working for the benefit of all of Port Moody, and planning for our future both short and long


  • Responsibly managing your tax dollars to ensure that you get the best value out of your money without raising taxes to pay for pet projects and unnecessary consultants.

  • Encouraging and supporting community events that bring our city’s residents together.

Your opinion matters to me, and I want to hear it. Feel free to share your ideas on how your
confidence in city hall can be restored. What would you like to see from your city council?




Your council needs to consider all of Port Moody when planning for the future. I want you to be able to retire here, and I want your kids to be able to afford to live here.”

Development and Port Moody will always be a hot topic at every election, and understandably it is a topic that can be polarizing. We are in a housing supply and affordability crisis in BC and it is more important than ever to have a council that recognizes this and is committed to working together to make living in our amazing city more affordable.

Some candidates and sitting councillors would have you believe that you have to choose between two polar opposites on growth and development, either you are pro, or anti-development. This does not have to be the case and we should call out those that are fabricating fear campaigns about community growth, or that we are at risk of losing a small-town feel in our city.


Port Moody like every city in the lower mainland needs housing, but there needs to be a balance in the type of housing that is built and how it fits into local neighbourhoods and the community as a whole.  Each housing type has its place whether it’s high-rises, low-rises, or townhomes. The key is to properly engage and listen to the community and ensure that there is adequate infrastructure, parkland, and amenity space to support the residents that would be joining our community.  Housing doesn’t need to be something we are afraid of providing, we just need a leader on council that has the ability to negotiate the best for Port Moody, and puts our Port Moody Residents First!  I will advocate for you, and I can be your voice on council.  You deserve a council that will ensure that a proper mix of family-sized units are placed in areas close to schools. That seniors housing is close to community centres, social hubs, and transit. And that the charm and character of Port Moody is enhanced with vibrant community spaces, and small businesses close to home to reduce dependency on vehicles.


All this while making living here, ageing here, or raising a family here more affordable, with a good mix of rental and below-market rental units.

I Believe in:

  • Clear and transparent engagement with residents around our housing needs and where we want that housing to go. You should have your voices heard.

  • Providing affordable housing of all sizes for residents in each stage of their life. I want you to be able to grow up, raise a family, and retire in Port Moody.

  • Ensuring that our infrastructure, parks, and community spaces can support added growth and that our amenities are upgraded and expanded to keep up with the additional population.

  • Creating vibrant, well-planned out neighbourhoods that provide everything our residents need within walking distance to their homes to reduce dependence on vehicles.

  • Working with upper levels of government to help provide affordable housing options for our residents that don’t fall on the back of our taxpayers.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on Housing and Affordability.  Where could our council do better? What is your biggest concern around housing in Port Moody?  Click Here to share your thoughts and ideas.

Want to share your thoughts about issues that matter to you? I would love to hear them. Please send me a message below.





Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I will get back to you shortly