I have enjoyed residency in the beautiful City of Port Moody for the past 15 years.  I attended both Moody Middle School and Port Moody Senior Secondary. My passion for education inspired me to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University. With deep roots in the community as a resident and volunteer, I purchased my very first home right here in NewPort Village two years ago. 


My family moved from Burnaby to Port Moody in 1999 to build their home and family operated business. My family has owned and operated a Chiropractic office on St. Johns Street since the fall of 2000. I am a strong supporter of local businesses in our community.    I currently sit as a committee member on the Port Moody Parks and Recreation Commission and have volunteered as a Coach with the Port Moody Lacrosse Association.


I believe in fresh ideas and enjoy looking at challenges from multiple angles to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions.  I believe in action and progress and I am committed to helping create a city that you and your family can be proud of.  


I am customer service driven and believe that our residents and business owner’s voice should be heard by our municipal government.  Working in the sales, service and finance industry has positioned me to be able to understand consumer needs and wants.  I feel this experience will be a valuable asset on our City Council. 


As part of the next generation of Port Moody property and business owners, I believe that the next few years are critical in establishing the future of our beautiful city. The preservation of its heritage and community should be at the forefront of all decisions. I am committed to making sure, that you, the residents and business owners are included in the process. I welcome your conversation, ideas, and input.